JETI DS-24 EX BUS possible with the Cube?


Is anyone using the JETI DS-24 EX BUS with the Cube on a multi-rotor? If so, is telemetry available?

Thank you.


EX Bus protocol is not supported in ArduPilot. 16 channels with PPM is possible with Jeti. The frame time has to be set correctly.

Is documentation available on how to set this up?

I learned it by messing around with the Jeti device manager for 15 minutes. Pretty much just change one of the EX outputs to be PPM and change the frame time to be… was it Auto or some longer time? Anyways, if you tell Jeti to use too short of a frame time then it will do some odd things to the channel duplexing and nothing will work correctly.

No docs for Jeti yet. PRs are welcome.

Understood. Thank you.

Jeti REX series receivers also support SBUS and UDI16. Firmware update might be necessary for the receivers. We use one REX3 outputting SBUS to RCIN and one REX3 outputting UDI16 to SPKT (UDI16 = SRXL). Usually UDI16 from SPKT is the primary signal after power-up. I recommend one or both instead of PPM.

This is the current UAV setup…

CUBE BLK w/ Pixhawk 2.1 carrier
Futaba R7008SB (FASSTest/S.Bus2) 2 PWM on 2 channels and SBUS.
Ch1 - Aileron/Roll
Ch2 - Elevator/Pitch
Ch3 - Throttle
Ch4 - Yaw
Ch5 - Mode
Ch6 - Landing Gear
Ch7 - Flight Control switchover to backup FC
Ch8 - Parachute
Ch9 - Velocity slider (not active)
Ch10 - RTH

Can the JETI DS-24 be configured exactly as above?

I’m not familiar with UDI16. Is this similar to PWM?

Thank you in advance.

Yes, I think that configuration would be possible, but depends which Jeti receivers you have. Like I said SBUS is only in REX-series with recent firmware.

UDI (or SRXL) is a serial protocol like SBUS, so all channels in one wire. See here:

Thank you.

SBUS is not available as an output on REX7 or REX10. That includes the Assist versions of the receivers. Only on some REX3 versions is SBUS available.