Joystick Calibration Issue

Hello, I am having an issue with the joystick calibration. Whenever I move/calibrate the Yaw it moves the throttle as well, no matter how carefully I try to only move the yaw. After calibration when I move the yaw the throttle moves as well. (in the joystick page as well as Mission Planner) Any suggestions on how to stop the throttle from moving when I input yaw stick?

Check RCx_DZ= on Rc1 to RC4 rase it higher to see if it will go away. I believe it defaults around 30. Rc3 should be throttle

Thanks but this seams to be a gimbal problem relating directly to the joysticks and not an RC issue. I should be able to calibrate the joysticks while not connected to the air unit. It seems there is a defect in the left gimbal whereas when you move the Yaw stick it is introducing movement on the throttle as well.

I also notice this slightly on the right gimbal as well. When I move full left roll I see a slight decrease in pitch on the monitor.

I was just trying to give you a temporary fix. To get you past the beta firmware. Hopefully the official firmware will have joysticks completely removed from QGC. And put in android settings like it should be. Then it will be easier to tell if it’s a gimbal issue or just a QGC issue.

I should also say I had that issue. I don’t anymore.

I was able to resolve the issue with the help of Ian from MadRC. There is a way to calibrate the sticks from the hardware settings within the device.

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