Joystick control of AUX channels

(Rafael Roldán) #1

Hi there!
Is it possible to control the flight via the normal Tx/Rx radio control and at the same time use a USB joystick to control some AUX channels??? I do not need these channels to be controlled from the normal RC, just for a second person operate the payload.
Of course via Mission Planner with a telemetry link to the vehicle.



In theory, yes, but I have not tried this personally

(David B Bitton) #3

Looks like you’re on the money with this:

(Rafael Roldán) #4

Thanks! I know the wiki…
The problem is that I can control ailerons, elevators or any other specific control surface or motor but when I set a servo as passthrough, it doesn’t move at all… and I can’t find the way.


Pass through is pass through from RC, it won’t accept input from a GCS. This is by design, and the correct way