JZ872 telemetry modules with orange cube

Hi every one! need urgent support!
i want to connect JZ872 RF modules with Pixhawk orange cube for telemetry! can they be used for the data transmission and connection to mission planner? if yes what can i do? i have tried everything i can!

It seems to be for ordinary RS232 or RS485, and data rate only goes up to 38400 baud.
There’s no support of mavlink framing.
There is on/off control pins too, so yours might not be turning on.

You would be better off with the ordinary 3DR-style telemetry radios - DO NOT buy any that claim to be high power like 500mW or more, they are just noise and interference.
If you need long range, get RF Design RFD radios.

yeah! after lot of working i got them to transfer the data but could not connect them with mission planner! i have microhards n920X2 in my reach! do you know a reference that can be helpful in programming those?