Kore board

Hi all ,
……yesterday my kore orange cube board got fried :weary::weary:. At first I tested the board in my 4 S powered quad , everything fine . Then I moved the electronics in my new heavy lifter 12 S . After takeoff everything is fine , as I descended a little bit I heard a loud boom , a few seconds later an other boom . I landed so fast as possible and at the ground , a few second the motors stopped spinning, an sounds like no pwm beeping . My cube is dead , the shottky diodes are blow up , that was the boom that I recognize.

Hi Stefan
Will it be possible that 2 wires short (touch each other) during flight? I think diode will only be burned by reverse or short.
How were those 2 ESC,are they still servicable?
Can you share the flilght log?
May I know how you determine the cube is dead?

Hi Mike,
Thx for your response. All the TVS diodes are dead , 3 of them blow up . Two near the esc pads and the one between the main terminal pads. The ESC are ( Alpha60A-HV ) . The Motors are T-Motors x605 170kv coaxial . The cube is dead because I see the smoke , usually nobody should see hidden inside the electronic parts :pensive:. Also the VHTC125AG is gone . My setup is 12 S Lipo ( Uin50,28V )I suggest the recuperation from the motors produces a bit higher voltage. The tvs diodes couldn’t handle the power absorbing in heat so fast and blow up . The spikes killed the electronic. As I was landed my bird the board was dead. The esc’s were beeping, like the have no pwm , and the here link says connection lost . The esc’s are all ( eight ) OK. So I’m happy so far. I have no logs sorry.

That’s a picture, from my esc connection to the Kore carrier. I put some hot melt glue between the pads to prevent short them .