Kore Carrier Board 5V & 12V Power Rails

Hello Everyone,

The Kore Carrier board has general use payload power connectors to source 5V and 12V power for external devices and payloads labeled as J14 and J19 respectively.
As per the official documentation: Kore Carrier Board | CubePilot the 5.3V connector J14 is rated for 1.5A, and the 12.2V J19 is rated at 3A.
My question is

  1. Does the J14 (5.3V) shares power with the Primary or Backup power for the Cube?
  2. Does the J19 (12.2V) shares power with the [12V navigation light power available at each corner (Kore Carrier Board | CubePilot)

I am asking to confirm how much current can be drawn safely from J14 & J19 in total without overloading the power modules or causing brown-out in-case J14/J19 supply is shared.

All help appreciated :slight_smile:

@Alvin Can you please comment on this. Thank you in advance.