Kore Carrier Board CONNECTIONS

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Kindly tell me than how many motors can be connected to " Kore Carrier Board"?

As i can see it has provision up and down than does it mean that we can connect 8 motors?

Does it support Octa-Quad configuration?

Can it be used for agriculture drone?

It is designed to suit an octocopter , but it is not missing any channels, so can be used for any configuration you wish

what is power module setting in ardupilot firmware from mission planner for getting correct voltage and current reading.


Don’t see connection setup up for HEXA + in the Kore Board directions.
Actually, it appears the Hexa connection diagrams are missing ?

Its there:

The Kore board layout is optimized for quad and octa-quad configurations. There are 2x outputs at each corner.

That means that in order to setup a hex configuration, you will have to use 1x of those signal pins at each corner, then 2x more of any that are convenient for your wiring. Its a bit clumsy, yes, since there are no signal pins on the sides (only the corners).

You will have to map the outputs to the correct motor signal in mission planner (you can map any output to any motor signal, btw)

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Thats Hexa X… i need Hexa + …the photos are gone.
But in MP once you start mapping it shows every kind of multi rotor config.
Just needed to know the motor number sequence.
Problem solved.

Thanks for the help.

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I see what you are saying - the documentation even refers to a ““Hexa X” picture above”. Youre right - those docs dont cover Hex+.

You will have to map them yourself.

the motor assignments are mapped with the SERVOx_FUNCTION parameter (insert the signal pin’s # for ‘x’).

from the kore documentation:

For example, if I wanted to plug Motor 3 into the MAIN5 connector on the board, I would set the SERVO5_FUNCTION parameter to 35.

It appears that the MAIN1, MAIN2, etc output pins are SERVO1, SERVO2, etc respectively.

I hope this helps

Does anybody know what the proper sequence of commands are to enable the GPS2 port 18 on the KORE Carrier Board?