Kore carrier board current load


Due to lack of documentation I have a question.

I want to use it for hexacopter but there is only 4 doublesided pads.

So i need to use one location 2times.

The question is if its posdible to load this board not balanced and what is max current which can the board handle on one location.

Thanks Peter

It’s all depending on setup.

The main doc is here however nothing is specifically mentioned for this. What kind of current you looking to draw.

The manual states it’s capable upto 280A or more so that could be 70A a corner potentially.

They state

The power distribution system is rated to supply 140A to the ESCs when exposed to stagnant air at room temperature, with surges up to 280A. If the board will have continuous airflow across it (exposed to prop wash during flight), significantly higher currents may be sourced. Alternatively, if the board will be mounted within an enclosure or if flown on a very hot day, it may be necessary to de-rate the current capacity. For users that expect to operate their vehicle continuously at high currents (over 100A), it is recommended that ground testing is done with a temperature gun prior to flight. The surface of the carrier board should never exceed 100°C.