Kore carrier board power module setting

I want to know setting of Kore carrier board in built power module in ardupilot from mission planner.


Documentation is located at http://docs.spektreworks.com/carrier_board_v1_3_1/

Feel free to post any specific questions here.

Thanks alot

We were told by IRLock that Spektreworks no longer manufactures the Kore and Hex now manufacturers it. Is this true? Also, is the documentation hosting planning on being changed if this is true?

Yes, that is true. SpektreWorks licenses the manufacturing rights of the Kore to Hex now. I don’t think it matters much who hosts the documentation, but it can’t hurt for Hex to link to it. I’ll ask them.

As long as the documentation is correct, I agree, it doesn’t matter where it is hosted. Was just a suggestion so that if changes need to be made to documentation there is an expedient way to do so. Maybe even change to wiki style.

I will get it added to docs.cubepilot.org

SpektreWorks design awesome carrier boards! We loved the Cube Kore so much that we have made it a Core product in the CubePilot range!

SpektreWorks also design custom carrier boards for OEM customers! They have been working with me on cubes since 2014!

After setting the parameter of power module in ardupilot from mission planner voltage and current value is not shown correct value in static condition and flying time both.
Setting are:

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New here, what a great wealth of information.

Cant seem to get these batt parameters to load when using the search function in “Full List” parameters.


Also when trying to use the downloadable setup file, it fails when attempting to upload to the board.

Figured it out.
Have to “enable” these BATT parameters and then reboot the device and they load just fine

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