Kore carrier mounting recommendation

I’ve built a hexcopter using the Kore carrier board. It has flown successfully in Loiter mode but has not been able to autotune. I will work on a manual tune but I’m a little concerned about how it is mounted to the airframe using the included nylon standoffs. Won’t this cause excessive vibration? I’ve done some searching and see that there issues with vibrations but not much follow up as to a solution. I really like using the Kore board as it does everything I need including supplying payload power. Any recommendations for mounting would be extremely helpful.

Do you have a .bin log we can see to view vibrations? Only then we can tell if the standoffs may be an issue.

Try this link. Ignore the sudden loss of power at the end, the battery was old and not up to the current draw from 6 motors. Also, this is using an older Cube Black, I have since purchased an Orange Cube. The carrier board came with foam which is what prompted me wondering about the Kore mounts.

So seems like you have a large vibration problem - but I wouldn’t go straight to blaming the standoffs here. I have used them to mount the carrier board to a quadcopter in the past and they didn’t pose any issues (at least not to the magnitude seen on your aircraft. Check to see if there is anything else that could be causing vibes.

Also - if you have a 3D printer, SpektreWorks has a pretty nice case on their website.

All values should remain below 30 on the graph above - ideally below 15 during a steady hover.

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OK I have balanced the props and it looks about the same. Also, this is a first flight with an Orange Cube upgrade. It did seem to sit OK when in stablize mode although there was a slight breeze causing it to drift a lot when I tried an autotune. While checking things on the Herelink/QGC I noticed a window that shows vibration, so that should help with tuning too. I have isolating mounts on order.