Kore Carrier/yellow cube/ Radio Connection?

So far I am unable to get instructions to connect a ts16s with crsf micro to The Kore carrier setup
I dont want to use the mavlink with telementry, I have new holybro 500mw setup but what i am trying to do is just get drone #1 flying.
question where does the input go, pixhawk says use RCIN but Kore doesn’t have this
any help with where to plug this in and how to configure the mission planner would be great Kore Carrier/yellow cube/ Radio Connection?

not sbus pins . it’s the ppm pins, the last row https://dronela.localad.com/community/postid/147/
it’s a little sketchy but youll get the point.
so far px4 firmware finds the controller and sets it up. ardupilot doesn’t setup the controller, says needs inputs defined. Just dont have the patience for this right now I just want to get the motors spinning
onward to the esc, have the jp1 soldered but dont see how to wire the esc inputs. 2 wires , 3 pins
(s) (+) (-) ESC doesnt have the power pin so is it signal and postive that gets the control happening.

Sbus is between PPM and Aux 6