Laggy, freezes, video really bad

Video turns on and I can view it on qgc and solex video is laggy, pixelated, and sometimes just freezes. I’ve tried different cords the HDMI 2 alot GoPro hero 4 and 3 Sony a7r and Sony a7rII. Played with random settings and connected reconnected antennas in both air and controlling units. Data Link is just fine in qgc and the others. Except mission planner which won’t let me get ride of the “done” window when establishing link…

I also canot for the life of me figure out why the sbus controls register on the controller settings and are properly calibrated but in qgc they do not respond to any input and won’t respond to calibration commands.

The flight mode buttons (i.e ABCD)work just fine for changing flight modes and simple commands.

Thank you in advance for your input!

Attached are some photos of the settings.

ok so the issue is the uplink rate. it should be around 15000-16000 not 700

so what firmware version do you have on the GCS unit and the AIR unit?

ok ,please update your GCS unit to “beta” and it will fix itself

Thank you. I’ll give it a try next weekend after the holidays.

Beta update works great. Thank you! Fixed all the issues.