Landing After Successful Autotune

I have had alot of success tuning my quads using the autotune feature, but landing in ALTHOLD is a nightmare for me, as I primarily fly in LOITER.

Are there any ways for me to invoke LAND after the autotune process or even manually land in LOITER? I haven’t had any luck finding anything else, and propellers are getting expensive to learn with.

Any advice or workarounds for landing in ALTHOLD after a successful tune?

The best way is start in Loiter, switch to Autotune and wait, repositioning as required. Once Autotune finishes DONT switch flight modes or anything, just reposition and land.
Disarm and wait a few seconds. If you have telemetry there will be a “saved gains” message (or similar). Then you can arm and fly in any mode you like.


I was finally able to test this out. One thing I had to do is switch back to 4.0.7 due to an “Autotune: failing to level, please tune manually” on 4.1.0, but no big deal.

the craft is alot easier to keep in position in loiter when in autotune, but when autotune finishes, the craft starts to drift around alot and seems to overshoot the yaw. It makes it difficult to land. After it is landed and the parameters are saved, the next flight holds position perfectly, and when viewing the logs the tune looks great.

Any ideas about this sudden loss of position and drifting after the tune is completed causing difficulties landing after the tune?