Landing hovering parameters for heavy lifting drone

Good evening,

Is there a specific parameters that can be set in mission planner to adjust to ensure hover at throttle mid stick rate to 50%? My heavy lifting drone with batteries and all gear weight is approximately 34 pounds.

Also, is there an adjustable parameter for tuning the return to home landing feature to make sure there is enough thrusts to produce a graceful landing taking into consideration of the weight of the drone?

Thanks in advance,

I find in PosHold, that my craft hovers at 50%

You should normally used AltHold and Loiter and this parameter:

For RTL and Land mode landings:
LAND_SPEED for the final stage, usually something like 70
LAND_SPEED_HIGH for faster decent from RTL height, usually something like 140
You need to experiment a little with those to avoid instability during decent (decending too fast through prop-wash) and decending too slowly to reliably detect a landing.

Thank you.