Large Copter Tuning-Loiter Oscillations


Cube Orange
U8 II KV85
Flame ESCs
28" folding Polymer props

Initial flights went well. Performed Autotune for roll axis. Announced error (autotune failed, cannot level) but it did complete and produce new values.

Performed Autotune for Yaw, same error message. Autotune completed.

Stabilize and Alt-hold are very stable. I was really comfortable on the sticks. As soon as I switch to Loiter mode the vehicle begins to oscillate.

The oscillations are not toilet bowling however. It seems to be rotating about motors 1 and 3, with motors 2 and 4 seesawing.

Below is a google drive link containing two logs. Was hoping someone could take a look and maybe see whats going on as I enter loiter mode.

Any help is appreciated.