Large Quadcopter Tuning

Param and (2.2 MB) Hello,

I have just completed first flight of a new vehicle I built.

T motor MN1010KV90
Alpha 80
Orange Cube
34" props
Firmware 4.1.3

I flashed existing parameters to the vehicle based on a similar one a friend of mine built.

Took off just fine with the yaw a little wonky. All in stabilize.

Alt-hold worked good, no real behavioral changes.

Switching to loiter, the vehicle immediately started to oscillate.

I know enough to be dangerous but tentative with the size of the vehicle.

Would love some feedback based on the log…

Thanks to all who chime in.

Your tuning is still not good enough. For more suggestions on tuning, you may visit Ardupilot forum, as there are more experienced Ardupilot developers and users.