Last batch of Cube Blacks is this month, upgrade to Orange or Black+

Hi all
Its been over a year since the scramble started to produce a replacement for the cube black, and we have two awesome options for you

for those wanting the long term stable option, Cube Orange is the way to go

for those of you that are stuck on the F4 Processor platform, or simply do not feel you are ready to jump to the Orange cube, we have a new CubeBlack + starting production from next month.

The FMU of cube Black and Cube Black+ is IDENTICAL, but the cube Black+ has the upgraded IMU from the Cube Orange.

this means better gyro performance, and less temperature drift.

This is plug and play with 4.x versions of ardupilot.

for everyone already on orange… carry on, nothing to see here :slight_smile:

Thanks all

CTO CubePilot



That’s great news, love progress!

Q. When is the time-frame for the next Herelink release (hardware)? Just asking since the original release was back in 2018 at the ArduPilot Conference in China. If no date identified as of yet, what can the public expect to see as future improvements?

Thank you very much for your feeedback.

There is no hardware change for HereLink scheduled as such.

We will be releasing a modular version of HereLink soon.

Aloha Philip,

Thank you for your response to the earlier question. What do you mean when you say a modular version of HereLink? I am very interested, as I am sitting on the fence about buying the HereLink at this time.