Left Gimbal stick swapped Axis, up stick moves to the right on rc calibration

I tried looking for the solution and could not seem to find anyone having this issue. I have a new herelink I purchased and set it up(RC calibration, button calibration.etc.) The system was working as it should. The next day when I was going to fly with it, the left stick has switched vertices to where if you push the stick up, the herelink thinks it is going to the right, if you push the stick down the herelink thinks it is going to the left. If you push the left stick to the right the herelink thinks it is going up. If you push the stick to the left the herelink thinks it is going down. I tried re calibrating the Sticks and it still believes that this stick movement is correct. I tried restarting the system with no luck. Is this a case for an RMA?

Solved, Removed SD card and then factory reset solved the issue.

It does not even need to be that complicated. You just needed to repeat the calibration.

Occasionally this happens during calibration because the automatic detection of the direction of the sticks fails. You can reproduce the failure by moving a stick vertically instead of horizontally (or the other way around).