List of all components needed for autopilot like in diagram?

Could someone please post links to all components listed for autopilot on the website?
its undo-able to find all components from the diagram image

should be able to have a buy-package buy-all-items and then remove items that not required.
Website looks great but the parts not be able to find them all is very frustrating.

kind regars

Hi @jordansz

Already the name for the products are written on the link which you gave above. You just need to zoom a little bit and whichever part you want, you can type in the website and purchase them according to your needs. The other unlabelled things are the step down convertor, Mauch power module, Power distribution board, etc.

These parts are all from different vendors and not cubepilot its self.

The Cube is the Center of the ecosystem but hex and Cubepilot do not manufacture all the components, they work with partners including Ardupilot to build a compatible eco system.

Hello MadRc,

I understand, is the diagram that is listed then the ‘best practice’ for setting up the board?
Its still a bit hard to find all the right parts with all the right items. Some resellers of cube do not have all other components.

Based in Europe, Netherlands what would be a good location to buy the parts?

You can use components based on your requirements. Just be sure, that the product you are sing is compatible with pixhawk or ardupilot. Nowadays almost every drone part for ardupilot is compatible with pixhawk