Live feed glitching

Hi everyone,

I used the herelink system for live stream event on a drone, i use an hero 8 with the media mod to have the video output.

But when I used it I have the live video glitching on the screen of the controller (here a video of the smart controller : )

Some days I have this issue but maybe during one second and that’s all. But this day it was during the all hour of stream, so we had to stop.

I don’t really know what happend because the video feed is really good but the display of the image on the smart controller is very bad.

During this event I had the controller plug on my laptop for sharing the network over usb and I get the stream on VLC with the rtsp. (floowed this docs : Share video Stream - CubePilot)

Event when the drone was at like 30m in front of the tablet i had the same issues

Do you know why this thing happend ? is it a problem with the software ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you record the video into the SD card as well? If yes, is that video glitched either?

No sorry, I don’t use this fonctionnality. The stream freeze for a minute when i activate the recording on the tablet.
In the stream on VLC I had the same issue of glitching at the same time

The Herelink captures the screen of camera and project it to the controller. Therefore what you see is not the raw stream. Please try to record video in your camera, so that we can figure out if it was also glitching in it raw feed.

Also, are you using QGC or Solex? You may try on the one you were not using, to verify whether it is App’s problem.