Live Gps calibration

When connected to cube orange via usb there was no live gps calibration option with the color sphere that shows the progress of the calibration. Version MP 1.3.7 should this option be available

This is an old method that is no longer supported.
Please use the onboard calibration and update to current firmware

I’m using mission planner setup options, I also have QGround control software, or is there something else to use, are there links to the setup process

It’s all in the Wiki

Thanks for link, , I was going through the wiki and this is the issue : when In the mandatory hardware config panel on MP , Under the Word Compass I do not see “Select device to Quick-configure parameters with the pixhawk/PX4 option or Enable compass box to put a check mark , is there another way to select pixhawk/PX4 and to enable compasses