Loading tuning PID across the fleet

I’m going crazy trying to figure out how to load a set of tuning PIDs from one aircraft to another. I have 25 identical quadcopters that I would like to use the same tune for. I did an auto tune on the first one and saved the parameter file in the ‘full parameter’ screen, but when I load that file onto other Cubes the tuning isn’t part of the file.
What am I missing? The “extended tuning” screen does not have a save to file button that I can see.
Any help would be appreciated!

While connected to the primary aircraft, Save the param file
Edit it with an ordinary text editor, notepad++ is ideal, and take out all the default and read-only params leaving just your own set.
Save this with a suitable name, load it on each new craft.

@xfacta in that case what about the calibrated data ( accelerometer, compass etc…) Will replace old value or it’s specified as read only date for each autopilot.

You don’t copy over individual calibration data, only specific tuning params that you need.
Each new aircraft should be calibrated as per normal first.
Hence the need to edit the param file first.

Thanks for the replies, and sorry for my delay in responding. The only way I could get the tuning params to load from my saved file to the new birds, is by using the ‘compare parameters’ tab. For some reason just loading from saved file as a whole didn’t bring over those tuning params. I feel like I had never had that problem in the past, that’s why I was so stumped.
Alls well that ends well, thanks again for the advice!


You edit a complete param file with an ordinary text editor, delete all the stuff that is individual to one aircraft. Just keep the common things. Save that as your reference file.

Sorry if I’ve misunderstanding the issue. I thought you were having trouble breaking down a complete param file into the part only required to be copied to a new craft.

MissionPlanner should allow you to use the “Load from File” button right at the top near the big Connect button.
The Compare option is good too though, it gives you the chance to observe what will be changed.

Thanks, Shawn.
Yeah, I was having trouble getting the tuning PIDs to load along with all the other params. I’m wondering if my issue was caused by trying to load the file on a Cube that had not had the initial required configs completed. I did an access calibration on the bench before installing in the aircraft, but did not do a compass cal at that time.
I don’t remember having this issue in the past, but this is the first time I had tried to share tuning params from the start. I think in the past I had always done an initial flight with all the mandatory configs done before bringing over PIDs from a file.

Thanks for the input and follow ups, I appreciate it!


Oh yes, definitely do all the basic/mandatory calibrations and setup first, then just load the custom params after that.
Any enable params like INS_HNTCH_ENABLE,1 could be separated out into a “load this first” param file, refresh or reboot then load other params from a “load this second” param file. Or just load the same file twice, but that’s not as neat.

EDIT: I attach here a sample tuning param file for EDU450 with 4cell Lipo as an example of the parameters you will need to copy over to identical aircraft. This was used for build of about 30 or 40 EDU450s. Change the file name from .zip to .param
There might be other common params you’d like to use in your config.

Edu450 basic tuning params.zip (1.1 KB)

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

@xfacta I know this is old, but the upload is an invalid zip. Any chance you can post it again?

It isn’t a zip file, I just gave it that extension because only a limitied range of file types can be uploaded.
Download the file and rename it to have .param on the end instead of .zip

Right-o! I will change it - thank you!