Log files - location on Herelink system?


Does anyone know how to view the log files from inside the Herelink radio system . I checked inside QGC and i cannot find any !! Does the CUBE need to be connected while viewing the same.

thank you

The flight log is stored in the SD card inside the Cube. You can’t view it in Herelink.

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Actually QGC within Herelink helps to download the flight logs thro’ one of its " Flight Analysis " menu. The file extensions are *.ULG and can be uploaded to Px4 flight review website .
Am correct here ?

I am using Px4 CUBE orange Autopilot

You can find the downloaded logs from Android Settings > Storage > Internal shared storage > Other > Explore > QGroundControl > Logs

But there is no point to download the logs from SD card via autopilot via GCS, instead of directly copy them from SD card.

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