Logs Download datarate


I was trying the new Beta from Herelink today. Everything worked as expected and I would like to congratulate the whole team. I also tried Hotspot and usb tethering, also working good.

At the end I wanted to download the logs and I realize that I only get a download rate from 4Kb/s aprox. Is there a limitation somewhere in order to protect the link to the drone? Is there a way to chage it? This download rate is to small and I could understand while flying, but there should be a config parameter in order to change it.

As addition, Qgroundcontol complain about bandwidth too low in order to enable log streaming. Can this bandwidth be rised?

Did you install sd card in herelink controller. If yes you can probably pull sd put in computer and have logs in seconds

No I did not tried with a SD card, but I would anyway love if the download rate could be elevated. I this than not possible?

So there is anyone who could tell me if there is a way to speed up the download rate?

Did you try inserting the SD card…