Loiter altitude increment decrement command from MP

Mission planner have this option to increase or decrease altitude in loiter mode with out RC transmitter involved only by GCS.

If flying in loiter and I want to increase or decrease the altitude either I have to use RC or flyhere at alt command (Guided mode) or another way using auto mode Create loiter _unlimited waypoint everytime I want upload new altitude and re-excute the mission to change effect.

Instead of this if create special widget for loiter increase/decrease by entering using mission planner will be greatly improve the system handling.

Not sure if I understand your question well. Is this what you need?

yes i want to change altitude of copter using this option when in loiter mode. will this work in loiter mode command?

Possible with this?

I don’t have a flyable vehicle around so I can’t test this for you.
I believe it will switch your copter to guided mode. You may switch back to loiter when it reaches the altitude.

Alvin any how it’s same procedure as I said above and when it reaches altitude it no need to change to loiter from guided .
Within loiter mode I want to change altitude and don’t want to chage lat long.

May I know what is your exact use case?
Are you using a joystick?

Simple .I want to increase decrease height of the copter in loiter mode without involving RC tx .only via MP and don’t want to change position also .

This should work. Have you tried?

No I had tried this but no altitude change happened in loiter mode.