Long range copter build with orange cube

Hey everyone,

I’ve decided to build an orange cube quad/hex copter but I need recommendations on frames/motors/escs/batteries to be able to achieve atleast 30 mins of flight time

I already have:

  • orange cube
  • here2 gps
  • T-motor air gear 450 (2201 880kv, 1045 props, 20a escs)

I have tried the S500 frame with the T-motors but with a 5000mah 4s lipo it already feels too heavy

I’m building it for finishing, it might have a release mechanism which will weight probably 50-100 grams, harc 2 axis gimbal and skydroid 3-body camera or a gopro

What do I need to change/buy in order to achieve 20-30 mins flight time and still be able to lift decent bait

Should I go for quad or hex?