Looking for Mauch 031 PC 2x 200A PDB


we found just like 4 or 5 shops selling Mauch HW. We’re looking urgently for a Mauch PC 2x 200A PDB (031 version).

Do you know anyone with this PDB in stock?


Are they in stock here?

Hey Riccardo,

The Mauch 031 PDB is usually more of make-to-order by my understanding - contact your local Mauch distributor and get a lead time on them for an order. That would be your best bet of getting one quickly. A quick google brings up at least 4 or 5 places selling them in stock worldwide.

I have some. Shop is not quite finished but contact HighCee Aerotech - https://highceeaerotech.com
Also MAUCH X2 sensor hubs, BECs, PowerCubes, etc.


Hi Don,

sorry to have read your reply so late. We found one in US, but please let’s keep in touch for the future.