Losing parameters

parameters are disappearing after Saving and restarting mission planner.
As suggestions on why this is happening and how to fix.


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Need to download, not save. Save is saving to your computer

OK I didn’t realize you have to download. I thought you’re just saving the parameters to the SD card that’s inserted in the cube.

Do the parameters get Storage on the SD card or does it stay resident was in the cube itself?

I meant “write prims” not “save to file”.
Is that what you meant by download because I do not see a button that says download.

The parameters stored in your vehicle are typically stored in the ROM of the flight controller and not on the uSD card. When you click connect or click refresh parameters, the parameters in your vehicle are downloaded and displayed in the ground control software. Making a change and clicking “write params” will upload the changes to your vehicle and save them there.

The save and load options allow you to save these parameters to a file on your computer and to load it back into the program for sending to the vehicle. It is also possible to use the compare option to compare a saved file with the params downloaded from the vehicle.

Hope this helps

Yes it does help thank you very much.


OK, I’m still losing my parameters. This is the third time this that this had happened. I go in to Mission planner then modify a parameter in the advanced listing and then hit the save parameter button. They will be retained for a while and even after a reboot. Maybe I’m doing something out of sequence.

Any suggestions to why this is happening?


There is an issue that has been occurring primarily to users of the Kore carrier board. We observed it with one of our copter when using an Orange Cube and a Kore carrier. The developers have identified an unusually complex mechanism they believe leads to the reset. The fix is being tested now. Are you using either of those pieces of hardware?

Yes. I my current design I am using both the Orange Cube with the KORE Carrie Board.


Check the link in the post above again. There was an update yesterday by RMackay with instructions on how to apply the fix.


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