Love the buttons but Solex video not working well

Love the new button arrangement in Herelink. Working well. I still am having video problems with Solex. It goes black and does not come back. I am switching cameras on and off. QGC is good. I would love Solex to be my main app but the video is super important to me. I can’t do photography work with out it.

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I have had zero issues with video in this current update and I tried tripping it up as much as o could.

But there are some things to check.

First of all you can not open QGC, it will try to steel the feed and it will not give it back unless you physically kill the app from the Apps screen in main settings. Swiping to close will not do it many times.

Input resolution can also have an affect and it needs to be 1080p 30/60 for best results.

Also trying another HDMI cable can help.

I have been testing with GH5, G9, A6400 and GoPro and single and dual camera options and swapping has been fine for me. There can be a second or two delay to swap but other than that It’s been good.

Can you confirm you have tried some of the above and perhaps give @kellyschrock some logs for this one.

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What seems to cause the failure is this. QGC is closed and Solex is switching cameras good. I turn off the A5100 on camera 1 and then switch to a Gopro 3+black on camera 2. The video goes down with some type of warning. If I just leave the 5100 turned on all the time all is good. So it would seem like Solex does not like camera inputs being turned on and off.

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Is the beta or the same in QGC as it’s not tried that.

Tbh turning the cameras off in flight would not be ideal however if one was to go off you don’t want to loose both feeds. I’ll have a play with this and feed back as well.

@kellyschrock one to note.

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This is on a boat. Again here is the scenario. Cam1 (A5100 ) and Cam2 (Gopro3+black) are both turned on. Switching back and forth is no problem on Solex. I use a Seagull controller to turn off Cam1 because it is used for still photography when needed and when not I am on Cam2 with the Gopro for FPV and situational awareness. While on Cam1 I turn the camera off. When I try to go over to Cam2 I get a warning and that’s the end of the video feed for both cameras. QGC does not do this.

Have you tried turning off a camera to see what happens yet? I can figure out how to send a log if needed. I think its a problem.