Mauch 090 replacement

Hi I’d like to ask you guys for a good replacement for the Mauch 090 12V bec that i pan to use for powering the herelink air module.

This bec is in back order in a lot of resellers, and in general I’m seeing a lot of accessories for the cube autopilot going to no stock, is happening something with the cube? Is it going to be taken out of the market?

Hello @Andreas_Diaz

It is due to the semiconductors crisis… it is happening to lots of companies around the world.

About your question, I always used the Castle Creations CC BEC 2.0 to power herelinks, it is a good option.

Thanks buddy! Will buy it then

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We have frequently used the Turnigy Multistar Twin Output 5/10 Amp (6-50V) SBEC for Lipoly - has worked well

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