Mauch Power Supply

Hello, does anyone know where the wires go that are coming out of the BEC module? Thanks.

to the battery

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So do I connect it to my xt60 connector?

please have a look at this poster

i cant answer that question because it depends on what connector type you plan to use. ie everybody is different.

Understood. Thank you! Do you know where I can find a step down module similar to the one in the poster?

Same place where you purchased Mauch components. The marked wires go to main battery. You can connect it to PDB or make a wire harness with connector if required.

Can I use this as my BEC for my Herelink?

Yes, use 12volt output bec

Thanks. I believe they only have 5v where can I find 12v?

12Volt also available.

Is it on mauch’s website?


Where I do not see it?