Mauch Sensor Module

Hello, does anyone know if I am required to bridge this connection on the sensor module if I am using 6s?!Capture1


How many cells in your battery?

Leave it like it is.

Yes, with 6S you must solder it and also put 10 as voltage divider in the battery sensing menu


Thanks. So do I not put the voltage divider I get from them on the paper?


No, if you use 6S you must solder the bridge and use 10 as voltage divider.

Mauch electronics website is clear :
Capture d’écran 2020-06-27 à 08.14.47

Thank you

Hello everyone, what should happen if I let the bridge open and use 6S battery?

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Great question

Do I also put 10 for Amperes per volt?

I was flying without solder the bridge and everything was perfect, the voltage sensor worked good as always, but, after read this article, I did solder the bridge, just to fly like the instructions says.

you only have to change the voltage divider, amps per volt you have to use the same as you received in the paper.