MAVLink 2 messages in MAVLink Inspector

I have MAVLink 2 as the protocol for the serial connection with the Herelink air unit, and when I connect via the wifi connection to a computer running Mission Planner, I can see the MAVLink 2 messages in the MAVLink inspector there. However, I never see these messages appear in the MAVLink inspector of QGC on the Herelink. Is this because the QGC version was not built with those message definitions so it will never be able to show them? Is there any other way on the Herelink to see these messages if they are not appearing on the MAVLink inspector?


this is because mavlink router on the herelink doesnt send them to mission planner. this is by design it prevents issues with multi gcs’s

Thanks for your reply, but I’m not sure I understand your post. I am seeing them on Mission Planner (Mission Planner running on a laptop, connected to the Herelink via wifi), but not in the QGC running on the Herelink.

yes, exactly. they are both GCS’s there traffic is isolated. you are not meant to see it

I see…I am still not sure I understand why, but I appreciate your reply. I have the telem2 port wired directly to the Herelink air unit, I’ve got that serial port set to MAVLink 2 protocol, and the flight controller is streaming a MAVLink message with an ID greater than 255. Do you mean that MAVLink 2 messages are never going to show up in Herelink MAVLink inspector by design? i.e. they are never routed to QGC on the Herelink? Let’s say I don’t ever run Mission Planner or use the wifi connection on the Herelink to use another GCS, is there any way I can see that message in the Herelink?

ill go back to the start. what message are we talking about.

it could be that the version we ship doesnt support that message yes.

It’s #373, GENERATOR_STATUS. I had the feeling I had seen it before in the MAVLink inspector on another older Herelink, but I could be mistaken.