MAVLink Camera Issues with QGC-Herelink

I am integrating a Workswell WIRIS Pro camera into a customer’s aircraft running a CubeOrange and Herelink. I’m using MAVLink for the WIRIS via telem1, which populates the QGC camera widget settings menu with a range of options which use the MAVLink extended parameter protocol. Using the latest stable release of QGC on Windows, this menu interacts with the WIRIS as expected; however, with the Herelink fork of QGC on the handheld unit, I get “no response for param request” errors from QGCCameraIO, and can only use the shutter/record feature of the widget. Does anyone know what could be causing this discrepancy between the Herelink fork and QGC stable?

I do realize it’s listed as “not working” on the compatibility list, but I’m already working with a custom build of QGC and am happy to make additional code changes, within reason, if it may solve this problem. I’ve already tried simply increasing the timeout and number of retries within QGCCameraIO, tried several different baud rates and configurations, all to no avail so far. I can always fall back on SBUS, but that’s far from ideal