Mavlink forwarding and video streaming over client mode WiFi?

Is there a way to tcp or udp stream out mavlink to another gcs while the herelink and second gcs are connected to the same WiFi AP?

Same question for video stream. It would be more flexible in my case if I did not have to connect to herelink hotspot.

You can connect to any AP you want as long as they use the correct frequencies etc.

Sweet will try soon. What about mavlink forwarding control to share with a second gcs?

Just connect Mission Planner via UDP on the default port once you have the connection

Yes, I can confirm that using Hotspot allows me these things. I was wondering if it were possible to forward using an existing 5ghz wifi network.

Either way works.

What is the target IP of the mavlink UDP stream when not initiated through hotspot?

Is it configurable?


depends on what you are after
for mavlink, its broadcast traffic on port 14550 or 14551
for video after enabling the hotspot its

im not sure if you plan would work, but the ip the herelink controller gets is assigned by your router. so i cant answer any ip settings you have.

Okay sorry, I guess I’m confused.

It was my understanding that you specify the target IP address of the UDP stream at the server (in this case: herelink)

From what I can tell, the client (in this case: MP running on a laptop) cannot specify the source of the UDP stream it can only listen.

This may be getting into feature request territory, but with both Mavproxy and mission planner, you can forward mavproxy control to a Target IP on the same network.

As far as I has been able to accomplish this seems to only be possible when the here link hotspot access point is being used. It cannot share across an existing network it is attached to.

If it can, I would like to know how to set it up.

Find the IP address of the HereLink on your network, and just try it

Been trying that with no luck

See Michael’s question above

I’m hoping somebody can Assist I have Herelink an RTK gps an Ground Station and are unable to connect Herelink controller to my GCS on my pc. I am able to connect Herelink controller to the pc on WiFi hotspot but when I do UDC connect on GCS on pc to Herelink it doesn’t connect also I have port open on Herelink as well.