Mavlink router endpoints on air unit

hello folks I’m in the mood to adapt the mavlink-router conf to get another udp endpoint that will be used on localhost only for translating messages on a different format
unfortunatly there is a bit too mutch of mavlink-router.conf files
I dont know the one is realy use

# find / mavlink-router* | grep mavlink-router                                                      

as it looks /system/etc/mavlink-router.telepathy-air.conf and /tmp/mavlink-router.conf are the same I’ve conclude that it is the one realy used and get copy into tmp at boot (for an unknown reason)

it looks also a lot more complex that the sample on github
I dont figure out in what if / else case we are but as it’s name spare and listening on any interface any adress I tried to use the 14554 port

[UdpEndpoint spare3:4]
Mode = Eavesdropping
Address =
BindPort = 14554

but it looks already in use i get listen udp4 :14554: bind: address already in use
after few more tests looks free for use but I get no messages on it :frowning:
thank’s for any help

For the 14551, seems like you need to send something as acknowledge signal.
Not sure if this is what happened in your case.

What will be using the extra UDP endpoint? How is it connecting to the air unit?

first I’m running this on air unit only
I have a software gateway that translate mavlink message to NATS topics
(this gateway has already been tested before on few different companion computer. )
as it’s very simple and don’t need a lot of resources the idea is to make it run on air unit in order to save use of a companion computer
I’ve succeeding in putting a usb to 4G modem on air unit it’s working great even if I still have no DNS working ( every thing about this here : Usb_modeswitch on air unit - #20 by Olivier_Gasté )

to set up this sw gateway translating to NATS I’m using a gomavlib ( )
the objective is to get the gomavlib connected to ( or any other port that is open in the mavlink-router )
as, I repeat, it’s working great with simple raspberripi and simple mavrouter config
maybe you can just tell me what is the good mavlink-router conf file and I can try to tweak it a bit to use another port ??

your port selection should be fine,

for you to get mavlink you first need to send something to the port, so mavlink router knows where to respond too.

ie send a single mavlink packet should be enough