Mavlink via crossfire + adsb = RC delays

Hi I have strange issue. I have connected tbs crossfire via telemetry1 port (mavlink protocol), and its working properly - Im using this setup for all my boards, mostly on matek wings but now I would like to use with Orange Cube.

But, when I enable mavlink for serial5 (ads-b) I have big delays for response from my radio (crossfire with mavlink). Any idea what can I set to fix this ? I tried to find port priorities or something like that.

Here is the file with params:!AvqZG9iiA8pfhCHJC9SpHJVCdyis?e=zPwcTU

Thanks for any ideas.

Can you try if connecting crossfire to telem2 would have the same bahaviour?

yes I tried use both telem 1 and 2, also I tried reset all parameters to firmware defaults with the same effect :frowning:
I tried many parametrs like sr1_* but also without any luck

We don’t have your telemetry so we can’t replicate your problem. Maybe you can ask on Ardupilot forum as there are more users.
Generally serial ports shouldn’t affect each other.