Mavros/imu/data rostopic not publishing imu data for cube orange+ when magnetometer is disabled

Hello. I’m working on using a problem statement involving flying a multi-rotor drone in an environment with heavy magnetic disturbance. Due to this, we have disabled the magnetometer, relying on VIO for orientation estimates.
Older pixhawk boards (pixhawk4, cube orange) still have access to mavros/imu/data and mavros/imu/data_raw rostopics to give attitude estimates provided by IMU even when magnetometer is turned off, but when using cube orange plus, the mavros/imu/data topic does not contain any message, whereas /data_raw is still publishing. We are using a reduced version of px4 controller (Fast-Drone-250/src/realflight_modules/px4ctrl at master · ZJU-FAST-Lab/Fast-Drone-250 · GitHub), which uses mavros/imu/data topic to access imu data, hence we are unable to use this code on pixhawk cube orange + (the code works fine for older boards).

Below are two videos attached showing the data in mavros/imu/data and mavros/imu/data_raw topics for cube orange + and cube orange.
Any ideas what might be causing this issue??