Maximum number of herelink units in close proximity

Is there a limit to the maximum number of herelink units thats can be operated in close proximity?

For example a dual operator setup with herelink would mean 2 herelink units per UAV and lets say I have 16 UAVs, thats a total of 32 herelink units. If I were to fly these in close proximity (5m apart) to each other would there be any intereference?

Also would having two herelink units (one for UAV and one for payload) on the same UAV have any interference with each other.

assuming stock settings the bandwidth is 20mhz, and using the entire 2.4ghz range, that would be 5 “channels” assuming you are using a lot of TX time (ie transmitting data).

i cannot 100% say, but i dont think 32 herelinks in realy close proximity would work that well. you could however change the bandwidth down from 20mhz to say 10mhz, and get alot more potential for links. (with lower thoughtput)

ive not tested any of this, just working from the numbers.

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Thanks for the quick reply. The herelink will have a live video feed so it should use quite a bit of TX time. The 5 channels would mean effectively you can only have 2 UAVs (Dual herelink per craft) flying at the same time correct?