Maximum recommended IMU temperature

I have some enclosed airframes and the interior can get quite warm when they’re sitting on the ground in the sun, causing the IMU temps to exceed the heater target (60C, in my case). Is there a recommendation for a maximum IMU temperature where it may become unsafe to fly if it is exceeded?

If needed, force cool the cube. Use a fan in your avionics bay. Or use a peltier, and a fan.

Do not mount the fan to the cube.

You should aim at a temperature of no more than 50 for the outside of the cube, less is better.

You don’t want the sensors going over 80 ever…

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Hello @philip
What about the barometer reading after mounting fan? Won’t it change?

If the fan is just creating some airflow, no. If the fan is moving air from different compartments, and it allows a pressure build up to occur, then yes.