Mechanical Specification/Mating datasheet?

I’m looking at building a carrier board in particular for mating with the new Raspberry Pi CM4 (which supports dual cameras) and a spot for a skywire modem to the RPi, since that would be excellent for both research UAVs and (using the purple cube) AGVs in class.

The connector is specified, and I found mechanical drawings for the Cube-in-Carrier, and the downloaded footprint but I haven’t found a mechanical drawing for the cube mating on its own. Some suggestions where to look?

We have recently uploaded the 3D files of Cubepilot products.

Is this what you need?

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That helps, but I was hoping more for a formal mechanical drawing of the interface, akin to what Raspberry Pi has done for the HAT specification:

That tends to be far easier to make a matching interface.

Is this good enough?

yes, thanks!