Micro HDMI cables

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Seems there are not many options currently for a very flexible micro-micro HDMI cable with the correct ends for my application and Im sure Im not the only one needing this. At the (Sony 5000) camera end I need a 90 deg going to the rear of the camera and at the herelink end probably straight. All the 90 deg ends I found bend to the lens direction. Also many are very long, like 80cm+. The flat cable types are an option but are not ideal and look terrible.
Anyway, I hope in the future more micro-micro options will become available. In the mean time I have ordered a 35cm straight ends and hope I can strip the plastic off one end and re-mould a bend with epoxy putty. We see in next few days if its successful.


A solo hdmi cable may work

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Solo cable does work. I tried. The fpv ribbon cables that you can find caused horrible gps interferences on my rover so stay away from fpv ribbon type

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Is that the Relish 3d cables? They look like ribbon cables, also looks like they are only 10cm. I need about 30cm.

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Good link thanks. The cables are quite fat thought at 5.5mm.

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They have a thin version but not many to chose from

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I have just received a cable from USBfirewire, advertised as ‘Ultra Thin’. Its actually 4.8mm diameter. The one I have ‘Ultra Thin’ from another place (but with only straight ends) is 2.7mm. When I questioned USB firewire people they said that the 5mm is what they call ‘Ultra Thin’. Its far to stiff to use in a gimbal.
So - BE CAREFUL . Some peoples ‘Ultra Thin’ are actually thick.
I have managed to chop the plastic from the a straight end and bent it 90deg.

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For info - its possible to cut the plastic from around a straight end and bend it. I then put some heatshrink around. Works fine, clear video and very flexible.

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Well it did work fine for a few weeks but just died.
We really need a super thin and flexible microHDMI with a 90deg on one end. Seems not to be one in existence.


Finding good hdmi cables is very difficult!

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So after the modified cable failed I resorted to the cable I got from USBfirewire, recommended above. It was way too stiff and causing gimbal issues so I stripped off the insulation. Better but not ideal.

@philip perhaps you could approach some companies about this hole in the market?

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This has been a big issue since solo… 5 years we have been looking for better

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Maybe something here.

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20190716_145454 I have found the smallhd.com cables good. I purchased here: https://www.rubbermonkey.co.nz/Small-HD/SmallHD-Thin-Micro-HDMI-Type-D-to-Micro-HDMI-Type-D-Cable-for-FOCUS-On-Camera-Monitor-12 and for right angle https://www.rubbermonkey.co.nz/Small-HD/SmallHD-HDMI-Micro-to-Right-Angle-Micro-HDMI-Cable-12-inch

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That’s exactly the one I tried bending the one end. Worked for a while. Actually when I wiggle it it seems not to be my modified end causing the problem.
Will order one of those bent ones, if the bend is the correct direction.

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That one in NZ is $50 !

found one here for $20.

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Continuing saga of super thin HDMI cables.
I ordered one from SmallHD with the ends I needed. With shipping from the US it came to $36. Quite expensive.
The cable only lasted a few flights before giving bad picture and color issues. Seems its a big ask to have all the signals down such a thin cable.
Credit to SmallHD. When I informed them of the issue they put another in the post straight away.
I hope this one lasts longer.

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(Rich) #19

Hundreds of flights with this cable:

I want to try this cable:

Used this cable for FPV goggles. Very thin, works great.

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@Vince - This may work better for your installation.