Microhard N920X2 Telemetry

I am trying to connect Microhard N920X2 with Cubepilot! Both air and ground modules are connected and transmitting/Rx data however i am unable to connect the cubepilot to mission planner with correct baud rate setting!

  1. Baudrate 115200
  2. Serial Protocol Mavlink 2

Any suggestions? What can be the cause?

The radio appears to use ordinary serial protocols like RS232. You would need to do some development to allow it to use mavlink framing.
Any reason to use these radios specifically? RFD900X (or UX for a smaller footprint) has dual diversity antennas and can even handle your Remote Control function too. The long range performance is proven.

EDIT: This sort of thing has come up a few times lately - people are clearly trying to re-purpose unsuitable hardware, and dont understand why drones have specialist telemetry radios.

I should have separated the RS232 and mavlink issues to make it clearer. They are two issues → hardware and software (or data format)
RS232 expects voltage swings of at least -3v to +3v but typically about -9v to +9v . Anywhere in between is not recognised. Flight Controllers serial ports use 0v to +3.3v → very much NOT RS-232.
So you need hardware to convert ordinary 3.3v logic to RS232. There is plenty of those devices around, but it’s another device to add to the weight and complexity when an RFD900UX would offer a ready-made solution.
Mavlink over RS232 might be easy once you have the hardware working since Mavlink is just a specific series of bytes.

Yes you are right! those radios are good and easy to handle! i just had these lying around so i wanted to give them a try! i have used R232-TTL converters with the Orange Cube and it SEEMS that port is sending data to radio!

  • In second step i connected both radios! and that is done too!
  • In third step i have used serial to usb converter to connect the ground radio with computer! ( I hope i dont need some TTL converter in between)
  • In fourth step i am trying to connect the Mission Planner! NO SUCEESS!