Mini Carrier Board is messed up

This is Omar,

Recently I bought 2 of pixhawk’s mini carrier boards from IR-Lock U.S. and soon after testing them I figured out that the symbols indicating the wiring for the servo rail ( s + - ) are inverted and that caused my JR RC receiver to burn, and soon after figuring out the problem and continuing with the wiring my RFD900x telemetry has gone as well, and after I figured out that the RX pin on the telemetry pinout is outputting 2.2 volts which burned my telemetry as well. I do not know how you guys handle such situations but I need solutions for my loss and for the messy boards I received from you.

Appreciate your help,
Omar Ezz Elarab

Can you post a picture of where it shows the pinout the incorrect way around. On the Mini this is on the housing and mine is correct.

Further to this then being inverted would not burn out a receiver imo as your crossing Signal with ground. This is low voltage data line.