Mini Carrier Board used with Spektrum Radio

Hi, I want to use my Mini Carrier Board with a Spektrum Receiver,not really sure what to do in the step highlighted in yellow, how I am suppose to break heir connections, should I solder all 3 pads together?
I do not believe it is what I am supposed to do, see picture from the following page, thank you.

The white lines tell you they are connected with PCB traces. You have to cut them to disconnect the middle and right pad, then solder to short the left and middle pad.

They are jumpers to tell the board which voltage should it use. Don’t solder all 3 together.

Edit: they are connected with pcb trace, not solder.

Thank you for your reply, this is what I find confusing, I do not see any solder bridging the gap, my board is new, never been used, I attached a picture of my mini board, it looks just like in the picture above, I do not see any solder I could remove. Any help is greatly appreciated


Sorry I was incorrect in the last reply.

They are connected by PCB traces. You can confirm this with a multimeter.
So you have to cut the trace between middle and right pad with a cutter or something similar. Confirm they are clearly cut and disconnected. Then solder the left and middle to connect them together.

Thank you very much, I have check the pads with a multimeter and yes the middle and right pads are connected together. So before soldering the left and middle pad together I have to break that connections.

Now i am starting to think I might have bitten more than I can chew. I assume the traces that need to be removed are where the white lines are on the pictures. I can’t make what needs to be removed when looking at my board.

The light green part is where the trace(copper) is.

I was able to remove them and break the continuity, thank you for your time and your help, it was much appreciated as I was lost at what to do.