Missing IMU in Cube Orange+ but No Issues in Tests

Hello CubePilot Community,

I recently opened my Cube Orange+ and noticed something unusual. The location where the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) is supposed to be seems empty. However, when I run tests in Mission Planner for acceleration, gyroscope, and compass, everything appears to be functioning correctly without any issues.

I’m seeking insights or explanations for this observation:

  1. Why am I unable to see the IMU physically in the Cube Orange+, yet the tests show no problems?
  2. Is it possible that the IMU components are integrated in a way that’s not visually obvious?
  3. Has anyone else experienced something similar with their Cube Orange+?

Any guidance or shared experiences regarding this would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to ensure that my hardware is in proper working condition and understand the discrepancy between the physical inspection and the test results.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

any one have photo for orange cube + or orange cube imu please show me

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Connect to MissionPlanner and take a screenshot of the HWID screen and the Messages tab.

@Mohamad_Abujarad latest CubeOrange+ has 3 ICM45686 IMUs. One of the two IMUs sits below the mass on IMU board. Remaining two IMUs with marking I4586 are visible in you image. So all is well.

But now that you have opened the Cube,the integrity of the hardware is gone, please do not reassemble and use this module in flight critical operation.


i want ask if all of them icm 45686, as i know this imu dont have compass so what is the internal compass in orange + is AK099916 is integrated with imu or it ship alone?? and if 1 compass so what is connected to PC1 (SPI_INT_MAG_!CS)

Is would be really nice if CubePilot would provide a block diagram with all sensors and bus connections. It seems there are quite a few variations that make this unclear.

@Simba15 You can find all the necessary information regarding Cube here The Cube Module Overview - CubePilot