Missing License key

My colleague purchased a herelink and CubePilot set for a drone project. I discovered that I need a license key but I cannot find one in the box nor on any of the stickers on the outside. I can send you the Product and Serial numbers and pictures. How would I get the right license key for this device?

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salut, elle est sur la facture ou appelle ton fournisseur.
j’en ai acheté aussi et le code est sur la facture.

Please contact your reseller for the key.

I am not the reseller of this unit but I have the same situation with a customer. I am a reseller. You are advising customers to contact the reseller and I’m wondering why?
Are we supposed to take pictures of all the boxes? I

Because we can verify where does the Herelink come from if it were resellers asking for the missing key through standard procedure.