Missing product key

hi .i am rakesh sahay from india. i just bought new here link . but i lost product key . i contact resalere but they don’t have, how can i get access .please help

you need to contact reseller. all resellers are given the keys.

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Hi @Michael_Oborne,
what format has product key?
On my box i have:
and other long number with 13 digits.

the key is in format

ok @Michael_Oborne, thanks.

bought 3 units from UUUDrone Store, trying to update, arguing with the seller that the key was on the box . I am 4 days in waiting for an answer. Even if the key was or not on the plastic now is gone. Customer support from them is very bad. Any other way to get the key ?



J’ai récemment réinitialiser la Herelink, et je n’avais pas la clé du produit.
Je n’est plus contact avec le revendeur de la station.

Est-il possible de pouvoir m’apporter votre aide pour récupérer la clé ?