Mission planer marks my Cube but

The essence of the problem: in the last tests, the mission planer marked my cube black as defective (Critical bulletin).
But the send report button does not work, sends the link:( https://discuss.cubepilot.org:444/CubeSB?BRD_TYPE=3&SerialNo=CubeBlack%20004C0039%2030365107%2038363834&INS_ACC_ID=1442082&INS_ACC2_ID=1114914&INS_ACC3_ID=1442826&INS_GYR_ID=2359586&INS_GYR2_ID=2229282&INS_GYR3_ID=2360330&Baro1=979,0716&Baro2=979,6296&Name=Sergey&Email=shevtsov@uvl.io
on which error 502: Bad Gateway. Advise how to get support? I am in Russia.
If this is interesting, then after arriving at the workshop, I tried to repeat the marriage message, and I succeeded only with 52 turning on after 4 hours of powering the drone … be careful!

There are some false positives, but we will replace any cube that shows this error. Please contact your reseller