Mission Planner does not display PingSonar measurements


My problem is the PingSonar made by BlueRobotics is working properly, has good version of firmware etc. but in Mission Planner in “STATUS” parameter “sonarrange” is always 0.

I also can not find all parameters to tune. I found and set parameters: SERIAL2_PROTOCOL SERIAL2_BAUD RNGFND1_TYPE, but i can not find RNGFND1_MIN_CM, RNGFND1_ORIENT and RNGFND1_MAX_CM.

I install mission planner latest version today, I do not know is it a good version to handle PingSonar

Bartosz Łarzewski.

I forgot to write version of my Autopilot: it has px4 sign with black cude.

My echosounder is connected to TELEM2 port, all cables are plugged correctly.